More than 250000 women mainly from Philippines, Indonesia or Myanmar work as helpers in Singapore homes.

They have a tough life, working all day long for a very low salary. The lucky ones have one day off every week, but many will only have two or even one every month.

They come to Singapore because the working conditions in their home countries are probably the same or worse, and the salary is much lower. This way they can support their families, and children back home.

It is quite common that they spend 2 or 3 years without going back to see their children and family. They normally live in very small rooms, most of the times without any windows.

Still they always have a smile in their face, and show tremendous dignity. They like to be called helpers, not maids.

As every Sunday in which they are off, they dress up, and make up and meet with other helpers for a picnic in one of the different parks in Singapore. This is when I took the portraits for this project.

I photographed them in front of doors, as in a way these resemble the place where they normally spend their nights, their small white wall bedrooms. There they will think of what they have left behind, maybe just behind those doors.