• Japan Salaryman

    Japan Salaryman A series about Japanese white collar workers, businessman  or ¨Salaryman¨. For Japanese their job and company is like part of the family, therefore they are expected to work long hours, as well as remain with the same organization for all their career. They are also required to participate […]

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  • Blog Luis Ribelles Photography

    Festibérico 2016

    Festibérico 2016 A few weeks ago I had the great opportunity to collaborate in Festibérico as a photographer. This is a  biennial film festival based in Delft, a beautiful town next to The Hague, where different films from Spain and Portugal are shown. More than 15 films, live Q&A with some […]

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  • food photography with transmitted light technique. Beet root

    Transmitted light photography.

    Transmitted light photography. This week I have tried a new photographic technique using transmitted light.That is basically photographing a translucent object with a back light that goes through the subject. Leaves, feathers, flowers, glass items are some of the things that can be photographed using this technique. I decided to […]

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  • Buckingham palace, London. Luis Ribelles Photography blog

    Weekend trip…

    Weekend trip… Last weekend I went to London with the whole family, which include two kids of 5 and 3…if you have children too, you know how crazy it can be… and if you don’t, I tell you…it is fun but hectic! In the past, in similar situations I have […]

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