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Festibérico 2016

Festibérico 2016

A few weeks ago I had the great opportunity to collaborate in Festibérico as a photographer.

This is a  biennial film festival based in Delft, a beautiful town next to The Hague, where different films from Spain and Portugal are shown.

More than 15 films, live Q&A with some of their directors, and live music were some  of the activities scheduled during 10 days.

This was definitely a great opportunity to get closer to the reality of other places so close, but so far at the same time from the Netherlands.

If you did not have a chance to go this year don’t worry,  Festibérico will be back in 2018!

Here are some of the photographs I had the chance to take…


Festiberico 2016 Event in Den Haag

two woman talking Festiberico 2016 Event in Den Haag
Q&A photography

woman in a press conference

event photography in The Hague

Evenement fotograaf Nederland

people watching a film

black and white man portrait

Live music in Delft, The Netherlands





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