food photography with transmitted light technique. Beet root

Transmitted light photography.

Transmitted light photography.

This week I have tried a new photographic technique using transmitted light.That is basically photographing a translucent object with a back light that goes through the subject.

Leaves, feathers, flowers, glass items are some of the things that can be photographed using this technique.

I decided to make some compositions with some vegetables such as beet roots or endives, trying to get a different twist to my food photography.

You can use a light-table for this kind of photography, but you don’t really need to buy one. Instead, I made one myself using a soft box and a glass frame.

transmitted light set up


By using transmitted light, and a plain white background, I was trying to bring out the colors as much as possible.

I really think this is great technique for any food or product photographer that wants to use a different lighting and effect.

I hope you like it , and if you can…try it!

food photography with transmitted light technique. Beet root




Transmitted light photography.luisribe