Luchtsingel, regeneration in Rotterdam.

Luchtsingel, regeneration in Rotterdam.

Few days ago I was in Rotterdam doing a reportage of the Luchtsingel bridge for an assignment.

This project began in 2011 when the city council ask for the public to present projects for the revitalisation of the city and connect Rotterdam north, a deprived and forgotten area, with the center and the rest of the city.

This project not only includes the bridge, but also a urban orchard, parks, and areas for events and entrepreneurs.

You can find more info here:

Luchtsingel, a bridge for regeneration in Rotterdam.

Luchtsingel bridge, regeneration in Rotterdam.

View of Luchtsingel bridge in Rotterdam.

Interior of Luchtsingel bridge, Rotterdam.

Color and textures in Luchtsingel bridge in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Luchtsingel bridge in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Luchtsingel, regeneration in Rotterdam.luisribe