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Weekend trip…

Weekend trip…

Last weekend I went to London with the whole family, which include two kids of 5 and 3…if you have children too, you know how crazy it can be… and if you don’t, I tell you…it is fun but hectic!

In the past, in similar situations I have traveled with all my photographic gear…but it proved to be quite a naive and stressful decision…neither my pictures were great nor my family was happy waiting for me to take pictures… So this time i decided  just to take my mobile and a basic point and shoot camera to keep things simple…

Here are some of the pictures taken…they might not be great, but at least my family is much happier with me and I am pretty happy with the result !!


Buckingham Palace during a weekend trip to London.

London underground.

London skyline.

Camden market, London.

London Eye.







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